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 " Gail Ingram has pulled off something special here ...

[as she] subtly advocates for the place of art and language in
witnessing the effects of trauma and in providing routes to recovery."

— Sue Wootton

 Contents Under Pressure

Poetry by Gail Ingram

Illustrated by Rata Ingram



Pūkeko Publicatons 



Contents Under Pressure is a poetry collection that tells a story of a mother-turned-graffiti artist in Christchurch. It blends poetry, narrative and collage, and is complemented by collage-style illustrations. Thought-provoking and unsettling, this book takes a fresh look at the effects of the Christchurch earthquakes on a mother of teenagers who experience mental health and drug issues as they grow up during a disaster.

Who is this book for?  

  • Readers of poetry, flash fiction, novels in flash, novels in poetry 

  • Parents and those interested in the issues facing young people today

  • Those interested in the effects of disasters on personal, social and political levels

  • Art lovers, street-art lovers and graffit-art lovers

  • Those who love texture and layers, aestheticism and experimentation in language and form.

  • Readers who want something new, beyond the novel

  • People who enjoy reading Bernadette Hall, Tusiata Avia, David Eggleton, Sarah Jane Barnett, Ann Carson 

Where do I get it? 

  • NZ only, pay $30 ($25 book + $5 p&p) into Account: G Ingram, 

      Number 03 15920098930 00 / Reference: Your name + CONTENTS

"Lady Godiva on Eastgate Mall", an illustraton from Contents Under Pressure

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