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On editing an anthology

I've just sent in my article to a fine line on my experience and reflections of editing the New Zealand Poetry Society (NZPS) 2017 Anthology, after the cyclone. I take the reader through the process of editing a poetry anthology -- the troubles and joys -- as well as share my impressions on how it felt to read and select around 100 poems from around the 1300 poems I received. It was a real privilege to get a sense of what concerned a relatively large group of poets from mainly NZ in 2017. I give my impression of where the interests of the group lay and how their writing might differ from other poetry in other places and times. Check it out in a fine line next month or keep an eye on this space!

A fine line is the NZPS quarterly online magazine edited by the wonderful Ivy Alvarez. As well as articles, it publishes poems from its members. It's easy to join NZPS, not too expensive, and if you're a budding poet from Aotearoa, I recommend it.

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