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2018 NZPS Anthology sold out!

The anthology The Unnecessary Invention of Punctuation that I edited for the New Zealand Poetry Society 2018 has sold out! I like to think it's because everyone who bought a copy liked it so much they decided to get another for their friend and then another.

This is what some of the punters said:

"I am very pleased with it. What a fantastic collection!"

"My gorgeous anthology has arrived. I'm thrilled to be included!"

Perhaps it was the cover. It's rather spectacular, don't you think? Rata, my daughter, designed it for me again this year, and I think she surpassed the great one she did last year for after the cyclone.

Or maybe it's just the wonderful poetry. I thought the standard this year was higher than last. There was a huge pile of 'Goods' to choose from — the middle pile, the ones where I had to make the cut-off. This high standard makes it difficult for editors like me, who are limited by page numbers and space and end up not choosing poems that need to be read, but it is ultimately a win for New Zealand poetry and for readers, who get to be spellbound by the words of our excellent poets.

I do hope you have your copy already and have been enjoying the summer reading. Don't worry though if you want to buy one, you can register your interest by emailing and they will print a limited run if there are sufficient numbers.

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