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Alpine Flower a Day: Southern Rata

Alpine Flower a Day: Day 9, Southern Rata (Metrosideros umbellata)

– the South Island Christmas tree, and the name of my daughter!

And my poem today is an oldie but a goodie!


Southern Rata in flower

Seed child bathed in my blood,

my cotyledon heart opening and

close like the worm that only just fits

sliding perpendicular to the light

and squeeze we did you and I

for your head has bloomed, the world now

your cradling hand.

first published Poetry New Zealand 2013

The biggest Rata tree I've even seen, Kahurangi National Park

If you're interested in the inspiration behind this month-long series of 'An Alpine Flower A Day' about NZ alpine flowers and poems, you can find more in my first post: An Alpine Flower A Day Enjoy!


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