Alpine Flower a Day: Tauhinu

Alpine Flower a Day: Day 16, Tauhinu (Ozothamnus leptophyllus)

– a small shrub, its fingers dipped in wine (often white) buds about to burst

– late December, Dobson Track, Arthurs. Pass

my adopted name

this is not a poem this is not a poem this is not a poem this is not a poem this is not a poem this is the wind this is the wind who scatters lines this may or may not mean something to an exclusive group who can read lines who can read lines? who stops to look at the flowers? who knows the Māori name? who knows the scientific name? who knows their name? who gave me my name? what is legal isn't always right this isn't a poem this is about a flower I didn't know this is about growing up this is about growing into a name this is about growing into a country this is not about growing a country this is personal hello i'm tauhinu for example hello tauhinu do you read the wind? do you read the wind?

If you're interested in the inspiration behind this month-long series of 'An Alpine Flower A Day' about NZ alpine flowers and poems, you can find more in my first post: An Alpine Flower A Day Enjoy!

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